Wifi speed comparison between diff ipads

I’m comparing an iPad 8th gen vs iPad Pro 11" 2nd gen with respect to wifi speeds.

I have the two of them sitting right next to the Comcast router. When I use speedtest.net, I’m getting significantly different results connected to the same server.

iPad Pro: 464 Mbps down
iPad: 51 Mpbs down

Does that make sense? Should there be such a big difference?

I’m also wondering if changing the channel would help at all. Everyone in this building uses Comcast and all the 2.4 channels are on 1,6,11 and all the 5.0 channels are on 48, 157.

Lastly, I’m wondering if buying a 3rd party router would help things in general around the apt. It’s not a huge place but it has multiple rooms and an outside deck.

I would definitely try to use channels that are unique among the networks your devices can “see”. Apple recommends using the “automatic” channel setting, if available (presumably this will automatically switch to an unused channel) but I prefer to set them myself and review them periodically.

The wireless performance of the Comcast-supplied all-in-one “gateway” isn’t very good IMHO. You could try another router and return it if it doesn’t help.

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I would restart all the devices and try multiple tests. It can be difficult diagnosing wifi problems.

Maybe the two ipads have different wifi chips?

I think this is the tech specs for your ipad:


Cellular and Wireless

  • All models
    Wi‑Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac); dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz); HT80 with MIMO
    Bluetooth 4.2 technology
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Yes, there is a diff in chips but I wouldn’t have expected such a huge diff but I’m not smart enough to understand such things.

Yes, I’m thinking of trying a new router. I’ve never been thrilled with the Comcast router.

The only really big difference in specs that I can see is that the Pro supports WiFi 6, but I think that would only be relevant if your router supports WiFi 6 as well.