Will Apple mention AI at WWDC?

I don’t think so. I’m not confident they have anything to say about AI. They may tout Siri but Siri is “no ChatGPT.” It will be a curious omission by the largest tech company in the world.

What is your prediction?

And that is a good thing, given the hallucinogenic state of the art that is the current crop of “AI” tools.


Well, I guess it depends how you define AI. I expect the focus will be on the headset and it’s AR/VR capabilities. Is AR/VR AI or something else?

I think the less said about Siri the better. I downloaded Siri when it was a standalone app and have always tried to use it. But it is less reliable today than it was a few years ago. I agree with MKBHD, it can’t match the competition:

The Voice Assistant Battle (2023)

Some are expecting this first generation of the headset to be an “iPad for your face”.

So true, while others discuss the superior quality of the handwritten tome and the dangers spreading printed bible translations to the common folk, you just go ahead and start printing on the movable type printing wonder machine of yours!!! At some point they will come up with the watermark. Until then use the advantage!

Sorry for being a bit cryptic here, I guess:)


That is funny; I’m still laughing! :rofl:

Are you saying AI wrote the book? Or did you give it your existing work, and it organized it? Or … ?

I think they’ll “mention AI” and I’m fairly certain they have before, though they may have always stuck to the term ML. My question would be… will they mention/announce anything of substance? I don’t think so.

I don’t think they will mention anything that will surprise us. Maybe they’ll mention how the are upgrading Siri to help with more tasks or be more precise.

Or to work at all when you need it.

I had a one-hour trip the other day that required navigation. Got things started before I left my house, and my iPhone was doing directions. About 5 minutes in, I asked Siri to play music that I had locally on my device. With four bars of signal, it couldn’t figure it out.

Got the music going manually. Out of curiosity, tried asking Siri to play a different song. Several attempts over half an hour or so - on an interstate highway with good signal - ALL failed.

It’s not this bad all the time, but Apple STILL seems to be sending Siri requests to the cloud EVEN WHEN it’s perfectly-capable of handling it on device. If I open a notes app and use Siri dictation to say “play the beatles” or “play the beatles in music”, the text shows up on the screen just fine.

But it can’t seem to figure out how to actually open Music and play The Beatles without the cloud, for some reason. :slight_smile:


Just be mindful that ChatGPT uses existing IP to come up with its responses.

I’ve asked it academic questions and then put the answer through a plagiarism checker and it scored extremely highly for plagiarism.

So, be careful not to get sued :slight_smile:


IMO, dictation may work when “Siri” can’t play the right song because they are likely totally separate apps that have nothing in common except their marketing name.

My frustration with Siri isn’t that it is extremely limited in function. My problem is Siri is inconsistent. I can’t trust it to perform a task that it handled correctly 5 minutes ago.

That’s a fair point.

My point though is that at the point Siri’s dictation can convert my voice to speech pretty reliably, which it can, there are 80s text adventure games that would be able to parse the text output well enough to trigger whatever I wanted to do. :slight_smile:

That said, I also see the inconsistency all the time as well. “Hey Siri, call Dave Smith.” “There’s no Dave Smith in your contacts. Who would you like to call?” (Repeat 10 times, because you’re doing something where you can’t physically pick up your phone, and then, finally…) “Calling Dave Smith.”

I’ve even asked Siri to cancel navigation, and had its comment that “we’re not navigating anywhere” interrupted by it giving me directions.

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