Will iPads ever have Thunderbolt ports?

Future iPads will more than likely have Mini-LED displays, but I’m wondering if Apple would ever put Thunderbolt ports on iPads. I export loads of high quality video footage from my iPad to my MacBook Pro. Thunderbolt would make that process so much easier.

Do you think that iPads will ever have Thunderbolt ports? What kind of applicable use cases could apply?

I think it’s quite possible that the iPad Pro could have it this year.

Then again, I thought Apple would release a higher refresh rate iPhone ages ago. So just because it seems obvious for Apple to do something doesn’t mean it will happen.

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I think being able to differentiate between iPad/Air/Pro models is the entire reason why Apple decided to phase in USB-C ports.

Thunderbolt will do a great job of turning the iPad into that device that moves smoothly between mobile use desktop use.

I think yes, and potentially this year,
It would expand the iPad pro use-case even further, and differentiate it from other iPads

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I think that’s right. Besides, with the M1, they’ve brought Thunderbolt/USB 4 to Apple silicon.

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