Will Maestral solve my Dropbox problem?

Whoo-eee! I’ve been asleep at the wheel on this one and only realized I had a problem when stumbled across this thread this morning. I need help and it’s OK to talk to me like I’m stupid.

  • My understanding is that if I upgrade to macOS 12.6 or above, my Dropbox folder MUST be moved to /Users/{username}/Library/CloudStorage.
  • My Dropbox sync folder is currently on an external hard drive reserved for its use and needs to stay there.
  • I need to be able to access the files offline and I don’t want them on my internal hard drive.
  • My understanding is that if I upgrade to macOS 12.6 or above, my Dropbox folder MUST be moved to /Users/{username}/Library/CloudStorage.
  • Because so many of the apps I use regularly sync via Dropbox, it won’t be straightforward for me to migrate to another service.

Will using Maestral for my Dropbox client make it possible for me to keep my Dropbox folder on an external hard drive?

Are there any other solutions?

Would a soft link work to link it to the external hard drive? I use one in my home directory to link to my OneDrive under CloudStorage.

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By “softlink” do you mean a symlink?

Having tried Maestral in the past, this shoud work, but you lose out on the ability to upload only the changed sections of the files, as it uses the Dropbox API, so if your files are large, then it’ll have to sync the entire file each time.

I’m trying to figure this out for Onedrive as well, as I like to sync my entire work folder to my drive for access (and finding via Alfred/Raycast). I’m sure I had it working in the past, but after a brief Mac-less period, I need to sort it out again. It may mean moving across to Insync for at least having the files stored locally (or I’ll move back to Cloud Sync on the NAS and store them there) - the main issue with that is then I lose tha ability to open and work on files at the same time as others.

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I have a lot of files, but most of them aren’t large, and many of them rarely change, so it may be a feasible work-around.

I’m thinking linux when I said it but yeah - ln -s creates a symlink.

Not sure about the external drive bit, but my Dropbox folder is at ~/Dropbox for me on Ventura.

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Are you on the latest Version of the Dropbox App?
I updated also only yesterday, but it moved my folder also to the new location, without a possibility to avoid that. Dropbox is blaming macOS for that issue.

As far as I know, but I’ll check later today.

The Version on my system shows “v163.4.5456”.
I also figured out today, that Dropbox, while only “active” in my menubar, took 1,6GB of RAM, while my Dropbox contains only 1,3GB of data.
I think I will get rid of Dropbox next month, and use an other system for the rare occasions I use it anyway.

Mine is the same version number and still lets me set the location. I pay for Dropbox; maybe that’s a paid feature now? (That would be sad to see.) Mine is taking about 1 GB of RAM at the moment.

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Yes, this looks different

I don’t think so @ismh, I suspect this will change for you as well:


If you click the menu bar icon is there some sort of ‘update location’ option?

I noticed on installing the current Dropbox app yesterday, that it was a two step process - it first installed to the traditional location, once the sync finished it had an option in the menu bar to move it to the new location.

I was trying to fix a problem with this new approach.