Will the new iOS 16.2 HomeKit architecture work with macOS Monterey (or do I need Ventura)?

iOS 16.2 will introduce a new HomeKit architecture:

Does anyone (already) know whether I can use this with macOS Monterey? Or do I need Ventura?

I’m not seeing any of my HomeKit stuff on my Monterey computers. iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, are all 16.x.

I haven’t had time to investigate it yet.

I didn’t really want to upgrade to Ventura.

My question is specifically about the new architecture in 16.2, which is opt-in I believe.

I’m already running iOS 16.2 RC & iPadOS 16.2 RC, but I guess I won’t be offered the choice until I update my HomeKit hubs (HomePod & Apple TV) to iOS 16.2 final.

AFAIK, the new plumbing under the hood is part of the implementation of Matter.

Haven’t seen enough feedback on whether this is a transparent change or has side-effects, unlike the amazing swap of the file system on hundreds of millions of iPhones that happened without anyone knowing or noticing.

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Truly a feat that should be noted in the history books.

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I’ve just updated my iOS devices to 16.2 but my 2016 MBP to Monterey 12.6.2 (can’t go to Ventura anymore)

I went to try and update HomeKit on my phone but it says:

“The following devices you own won’t be able to view or control My Home until the latest software update is installed”

And it listed my MBP.

I didn’t proceed (yet). I rarely use the Home app on my laptop so I’m still thinking if I want to go ahead.
I guess it requires Ventura of you want control from your mac devices.

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I noticed the same after upgrading my MacBook Pro to 12.6.2 (IT says Ventura is not “ready” - for them…)

Since I use HomeMenu on a daily basis on that Mac I’m in doubt about updating (also want to be sure that Homey and Homebridge support this architecture update).