Will we see a Macbook with eSim Support (or even DualeSim)?

Will we see a Macbook with eSim Support (or even DualeSim)?​

What I never undertsood is why and iPad comes with eSim suppor tbut the macbook does not? tethering form my iPhone to my mac works, but why the mac cannot have an esim itself. Especially with growing 5g coevagrae and unlimited cheap mobile data.

Any rumours or thoughts on that? I hope this could be real in 1-3 years. It would be awesome, just to go out with your macbook and even receive mobile calls with it etc, even though when your iPhone istn there.

I asked the same question in another forum as well:

With M1, Apple has the ability and and pieces to do it.

The big question for me is whether they are willing to craft macOS to really take advantage, e.g. allowing the user to choose whether each app can use Mobile data, Internally stopping downloads of OS Updates on Mobile data.

Apple’s choices baffle me sometimes, a prime example is Low Power mode comes to iOS on iphone, but not on the iPad (which was still on iOS at the time) but now brings it to the Mac, despite it still not being available in iPadOS… it makes no sense.

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+_1 sign me up for eSim support on Mac. Sporting an external 5G modem at the moment. A sim would make more sense, though there might be a battery life impact. Also data consumption of a PC is considerably more than on a mobile device, so can imagine carriers to oppose the idea whilst they build out the networks.

5G and indoor signal are still flaky at best here in the UK, but when and where it works it is awesome. I easily achieve 10 times the max broadband speed at home on 5G. Only for that reason my 5G travel router was a worthwhile investment


Thanks for your thoughts. I hope this will be “solved” in the next years, once 5g has broader support and the carriers allow it to have more mobile data available in general. I think now we are in an intersting turning point of mobile data etc.

I am dreaming of a mac with an esim and fast speeds for zoom-calls with HD including sharing your screen etc. This will hopefully be my future office (home + world/ everywhere office).

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… and lot of office-like virtual backgrounds … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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HAHAH, I am already making use of that now. I think we just should call it world-office :wink:

To look eevn further into future, we will use vr glasses and work with those with our collegues.