Willing to Test Drive the Obsidian Mobile App Beta: how?

I’m in the process of giving Obsidian a thorough test drive. I am a Catalyst member of Obsidian. I have never “driven a Beta” but I’d be willing to give this one a spin.

Am I able to test the Beta of the mobile app.? If so, how do I get it?

In that case, I’ll wait. I will be far more willing to pay $50 after I am convinced that I’ll stay with Obsidian for the long-term. :slight_smile:

It’s available to all levels of the Catalyst program now.

Getting the TestFlight link requires going through the Obsidian Members Group Discord. I think this is because the devs take the “testing” part of beta seriously—they want everyone to have access to a channel where they can review commonly-reported issues and chat about their experience.

If you provided your Discord username when signing up for Catalyst, you should automatically have access to the #mobile channel. There, check the pinned messages for the link to the TestFlight (and the Android APK file).

If for whatever reason you don’t have access to the #mobile channel when you get into the Discord, feel free to DM me. (I’m—surprise!—@ryanjamurphy.) I can add your Catalyst tier so you get access.


Thanks! I’ve never been on Discord so I’ll need to give that a try.

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I just realized I don’t have TesFlight. Rather than download it, I’ll just wait for the release. My understanding is it is soon. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know the timeline, but it might be a few weeks yet. Especially when you account for App Store review times!

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