Window Management - what am I missing?

I have a few workflows/focus modes I cycle through during the workday, and each one has its own combination of apps:

  • Writing = Ulysses + Safari
  • Weekly planning = Calendar + Reminders
  • Email = Mail + Reminders

I like to have the primary app open on the left 2/3 of the monitor, and the other app in the right 1/3. Moom does this beautifully, but for one small issue.

I set up my window layouts and keyboard shortcuts on my 27" monitor, and they work great there. But when I am using my MBP without a second monitor and trigger the layout, Moom makes the windows way too big. In other words, they’re still sized for a 27" monitor, not a 16" display.

Same thing happens but in reverse if I set them up on the laptop screen and then trigger them on the second display - the windows are too small and stuck to the lower left corner of the screen.

I can get this to work (sort of) in Keyboard Maestro, except for the 2/3 + 1/3. KM wants to put that 1/3 window either sliding off the far right of the screen, or dead in the middle. It works perfectly if I go with a 50/50 split though.

I’m not sure if I’m missing something in Moom, if there’s a fix for the 1/3 issue in KM, or if I just need to set up different keyboard shortcuts for different displays.

Any ideas?

I had to save a Moom layout for my MBA and a separate Moom layout for the big LG monitor.

Edit to add: and I use a separate macOS “Space” for each set of apps.

This will do what you want for Mail and Reminders. Tested on my MBP and iMac Pro.
You can duplicate it and change the apps for your other use cases.
Change the order (or add another Activate action) if you’d like the left app active after the macro runs.

Edit: when you follow the link, look for the Download ZIP link at the upper right.
Download, double-click to decompress, then double-click the Mail + Reminders.kmmacros file to load into Keyboard Maestro.
In Keyboard Maestro, turn on the checkbox to enable the macro.
Set Hotkeys, etc.

Link to gist


Thank you for sharing that! :smiley:

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You’re welcome!

This looks great @JohnAtl, thank you!

Thanks! I did that, then I was able to add an if/then statement to KM to check if there was an external monitor or not, and that’s working well for me so far.

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