Window resizing popup

I’m getting this popup whenever I mouse over the top center of a window. I disabled Moom and Keyboard Maestro, and I’m wondering if this is something built in to the OS that I’ve just been missing, or if it’s some other software that I just can’t put my finger on?

I’d like to disable it as it’s insanely annoying. :slight_smile: Anybody have any thoughts?

I would open Activity Monitor and see if there is a remnant of Moon still active.


Are you running Better Touch Tool by any chance?

Nope. It’s just weird.

First I’d check if any app or helper app was launching at startup.

After that, I’d probably scroll through Activity Monitor to see if I recognize any culprit.

I’m pretty certain this is not part of macOS Accessibility, and it’s definitely not how window management works on macOS. Unless you’re using a beta?

Is Curio an App you have downloaded?

Ah…found it. There’s an app I installed quite a ways back that I never really use. Spaces.

Not sure why this just recently started happening, but uninstalling it solved the issue. :slight_smile: Thanks everybody!

Which seems very interesting by itself, but the does not allow for trial downloads, afaik. Any alternatives?

I remember trying “Spaces” back when it was in beta, and was thena free trial. The lack of multiple monitor support was a deal breaker for me, and I see that it is still an issue: " Currently we do not support multiple screens/desktops."

As to alternatives, I use Bunch for context switching.

Cool! I started building my own thing with Better Touch Tool but I am currently trying Bunch, seems less cumbersome. Do you reposition/resize the windows of your bunches?

Yes, using Moom. Here is a post from on older thread detailing how I use Bunch and Moom:

Thanks, it just works. I am not exactly happy that there are two apps to tinker with, but it’s very effective!

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