Window Selection Weirdness

Lately, I have noticed my Mac’s window selection is glitchy. I might open a new app, like Safari, start to type, and get the “keyboard error beep” that indicates I’m typing where I can’t. Or I might even be typing along, like in this window, then all of a sudden hear the same beep. And it appears my window is no longer on top.

Or something. I’m not really sure what’s happening or what would cause it, but I’m hoping someone else here has experienced this in the past, or might have some ideas of what to consider. Am I accidentally ALT-TABbing or something? I’m not seeing the app switcher, so I don’t think that’s it.

Other things to consider:
I did recently add a second monitor to my setup.
It’s possible I’m using a different keyboard, but I don’t think so. (I am using a different keyboard, but I’m 85% sure this issue started before I switched.)

Any ideas?

Something similar to this came up on the Curio forum this morning.

Check System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control if the setting at the bottom of that panel Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls is on, then turn it off. This fixed the problem with Curio and might fix yours too.

If it’s not your setting … well, have a good day :frowning:

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Aha, that box was checked! So maybe that was it. I did fiddle with keyboard settings somewhat recently, and when I get into settings, there is no telling what I might end up doing. Thanks for the tip - hopefully that works!

An update. That wasn’t it. But I did figure it out, I think. I had forgotten my bluetooth/wifi controller on this desktop has issues. I’ve just been using a wired keyboard and mouse for so long with the Bluetooth and Wifi off, I had forgotten. So when I upgraded to Monterey, at some point Bluetooth ended up being turned back on. Maybe I did it, or maybe it happened by default, but once I turned off Bluetooth, I haven’t had any more issues.

(I had a long conversation with Apple support about the wifi/Bluetooth issues and we determined it needed repairs. But I never had a good time to send it off, and I’m a “workaround” kind of guy anyway.)