Window Snapping Tool?

I’m looking for a good macOS window snapping tool. What I want is to be able to drag an application’s window to the left or right side of my screen and have it snap there and take up that half of the screen. I have the Magnet app but it doesn’t seem to work well. For example, if I type ctrl + option + left arrow it will move the window too far to the left (such that only the red close button is visible in the upper left) and it doesn’t take up half the screen. Perhaps I’m using it wrong? I just want something that does this and is easy to use. Thanks for all suggestions.

I have been using Better Touch Tool for this and it works well for me (and it has a ton of other automation features). But, now when I go to the web site I see another app called Better Snap Tool. Perhaps that is what I am using. I purchased BTT a long time ago and cannot remember if I made a separate purchase for Better Snap Tool. Either way, they work well for me.


I also use BTT for window snapping, and use Magnet for keystrokes to move windows around, from monitor to monitor, etc.

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Those Magnet keyboard commands work for me. (Just tested them this moment, everything works as expected.) Sorry you’re having a problem.

Most of the major window tools work just as well, so try Divvy or Moom or whatever. Of course, you may not even need an app if you’re using Catalina and just want to size pages to go lef/right - Starting with macOS 10.11 El Capitan, Apple gave us Split View. which does this very thing.

TidBits has a nice recent overview on the subject

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Some software doesn’t play well with Magnet, MATLAB is the one I know of. Do you see that behavior with all applications?

I use Moom and Keyboard maestro, rarely have to move windows manually.

BTT is great for this, which is funny because it’s a tiny fraction of what the app can do. You can tie window moves to keyboard shortcuts or the touch bar, for example. It also has snap areas. Check out MPU #532: BetterTouchTool

I also use Keyboard Maestro for certain more complex window moves, but for what OP described BTT will easily do it and get you a lot more features to play with if that’s what you’re into.

My favorite is the rarely mentioned Hookshot –

I use Better Snap Tool, the little sibling of Better Touch Tool, although I own both. If all you are interested in is snap regions (and you can define your own as well as the standard halves and quarters) just get this.

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I have to agree with Moom. If you hover your cursor over the green button on a window (don’t click it), you get the option to open that window full screen with a border, on either side, or top or bottom. In addition, Moom will let you do a great deal with screen layout if you use certain arrangements a lot. ScreenCastsOnline did an episode on Mac productivity apps, including Moom, here.

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No, I can’t say that I do.