Windows at work

I spend my days as a System Admin for a Managed services company supporting Windows but outside of the office I spend most of my time on IOS. I really miss a lot of the Mac apps I used to use and as a result I’ve started looking for Mac/IOS apps that also have Windows versions. I thought it might be useful to start a list of apps for other Apple at home, Windows at work folks.

iA Writer - It’s great being able to write in Markdown even when I’m not on the iPad
TextExpander - Email is email and being able to script mundane repetitive emails in the office is a lifesaver.
Duet Display - Third screen in my case
1Password - It might be an Apple focused app but it’s great they support Windows as well.

I’d like to hear of any apps you use that make it easier being Apple at home, Windows at work.


Can add Scrivener to the list.

Scapple and iThoughts both have Windows versions.

My frustration are all the apps that DON’T have Windows versions. I’m Apple at home/Windows at work and I’ve become so comfortable with the tools and software on my Mac that often times I feel incompetent with my computer when I’m at work.

The big items that jump out at me right now are BBEdit and Pixelmator Pro. They are both fantastic, elegant and powerful apps that I just haven’t found analogs for in Windows.

It may or may not work for your case, but my solution to this problem has been to bring in a Mac mini and plunk it down on my desk at work next to my PC.

Our network admin (me) runs a very tight ship so bringing in personal equipment doesn’t really fly.

I actually set up an Apache Guacamole server at home to connect to my Mac in a web browser. Overkill, absolutely but surprisingly effective.

I know where you’re coming from. I was faced with needing to pull text out of an utterly useless PDF file in the office and even though I’m an admin and could have installed any program I wanted it was still quicker to save the PDF to my Dropbox, grab the iPad, get the PDF out of Dropbox and OCR it with Workflow, save the text file back to Dropbox and open it again on my Windows machine. I would have spent triple that time just finding a program that would do what I wanted.

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I’m holding out hope for an update to the mac mini later this year because of exactly this reason.

This is why I talked my employer into setting up a “Guest” wifi network. The majority of traffic on it is probably my personally owned devices. :grin:

Just hanging onto 1Password for dear life. Windows at work makes me sad :frowning: