Windows gets an official "Spotlight" - PowerToys Run for Windows 10

Uh, it’s quite a name.

Still, I’m glad to see this development. Spotlight (and Alfred) were probably the first mind-blowing features that crystallized my switch to macOS when I first got an MBA in 2011.


Neat. Something like that (that’s good) is sorely missing in Windows.

Just installed it. It’s definitely in progress: results are slow to load (about as fast as Spotlight, way slower than Alfred), and it shows results that need cleaned up, e.g., Alfred and Spotlight would handle this search more intelligently. I’m sure a lot of that will be worked out.

The presentation is excellent for Windows, visually.


I’m sure a lot of that will be worked out.

Even though Microsoft has done huge progress under Satya Nadella, I wouldn’t hold my breath on such things working to an acceptable level for us Mac users. (25 years of deep experience with Windows has kind of burned me)

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I agree with @cornchip. It should be good for Windows users.

Remember what Steve said about “. . . giving a glass of ice water to somebody . . . " :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting something like this for my windows work machine forever. Unfortunately I have to do most my work in an HVD for an organization that is not going to get this version of W10 for a couple years

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After using this some more, I can’t find a way to get more utility from it than from hitting the windows key and typing. But I realized that’s because the first thing I do is disable Cortana and Internet lookups to make that local search and application quick launch really fast.

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