Windows to MacOS connectivity

I think I"m going to opt for the Apple silicon MacMini, while I’m waiting for the new silicon 16" MBP. My 2012 MBP won’t drive 2 HDM monitors, and I need to do some development on a Mac very soon.

I have two HDMI monitors connected to my Windows laptop for work.

I don’t have an HDMI switcher yet, but may decide to get one of those before the MacMini arrives.

Have any of you accessed your Mac from a Windows 10 machine, remotely? I will use ssh when I need to, but I need to install all of my apps on the MacMini, and will need full GUI access for that.


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I know I’ve used standard VNC clients to connect to Mac - and I can’t imagine why that wouldn’t work on Big Sur on the M1.


Thanks, I’d forgotten about VNC.

I stopped using it in 2006 when I was trying to connect between 2 Windows machines on the same network switch. The speed of vnc was so pathetically slow, it would take seconds for the screen to update. Perhaps it was just the network at that company, but for me VNC was just unusable. Well, machines are a little faster since then, so I will give it a try.


That is what I have been using for years.

Also with Big Sur no issues all. Highly recommended. :blush:


I’ve downloaded this and am trying it out. It wants me to creat an account in order to connect to my computers. Does this mean that the server will have the ip addresses and login credentials of the computers I’m trying to connect to remotely?

The short answer: no.

The long one:

Regarding the IP address: as long as Jump Desktop Connect is running, you are connected via their relay services. Everything on the internet works via IP. So, yes, they should be able to „see“ the IP address. If I understand it correctly there is no way to do anything on the internet without revealing an IP address.


I only plan on connecting to machines in my house.

If you do not want to leave the network of your house at all, you probably should just use one of the protocols that are already part of the operating systems:

  • RDP connecting to a Windows machine

  • VNC connecting to a Mac

There are a lot of clients for those out there.

There is no need for jump desktop in this scenario. If you do not want to go into the hassle of setting up the stuff, then you are still perfectly fine with a service like jump desktop even at home. I think that it is trustworthy and secure. You can find more about that on their website. The connections are being maintained through jump desktop connect, the connection is encrypted. But technically everything goes through the internet that way. You have to decide whether you are comfortable with that or not.

I’m having an issue using JD, although I can’t say if it is exclusively because of JD.

the key mappings fora Windows machine don’t seem to be working-100%. However, I’m using a Logitech wireless keyboard (K860) and mouse which supports both OSs. You need to press a specific Fn key to tell it which OS mapping to use. I think I’ll contact Logitech tech support about this.

It’s difficult to separate the key mapping from the keyboard and JD