Wintel Developers with Macs, do you have any cool use cases?

Come September I am going to embarking on a 3 year software development degree alongside working everyday with my employer (major global IT service provider, in the top 5). I use a Mac personally, it’s the best home for all my personal content and browsing, gaming, planning.

I’ve always had to use a Windows PC at work for my admin / HR roles to date. Decent for work, and of course, has to be on there for security and whatnot. I used to be able to remote in from my Mac when working at home via RDP but they blocked this eventually. That display, trackpad and keyboard was sorely missed!!!

My question is, to anybody else whose already been a Windows / Intel / Server guy at work, in role, also having to work in a Windows world, have you found any cool ways to use your Mac or Apple devices alongside, maybe even on desk beside you, for noting, planning, learning or doing bits of your job? If so, I’d love to know.

I know I’ll be using it 100% for studying, note taking and all that. Then if I must (and I will) use Windows on my Work PC for any software specific tasks. The real downside of the M1 is not being able to run full Windows. I have it on Parallels but it can barely run most big name Windows programmes. Such a different experience to how good we’ve had it on the Mac with Rosetta