Wiping iPad Air 2 and starting from scratch

I have an iPad Air 2. I only use it for consumption. The other day, I upgraded it to iPad OS and it basically rendered it useless. A lot of apps (including Safar) crash quickly.

So, I’m thinking of just going back to iOS 12 by doing a complete wipe of the iPad. Given that I don’t care about the data on it right now, I’m ok to do this. I don’t even want to do a restore.

Is there anyway I can do this (going back to ios12)?

Here’s some help https://www.imore.com/how-to-downgrade-ios

That’s surprising. My iPad Air 2 handles iPadOS 13.1 perfectly!

Thanks. What I may do is just wipe the entire thing but keep iPadOS on it. See if that does anything. If it still has issues, I’ll try to get back to ios12.

Apple will stop signing IOS 12 at some point after which you won’t be able to downgrade. Probably within the next few weeks.

They’ve already stop signing IOS 12.4

After trying just to reset it to factory settings to no avail, I ultimately ended up at the Genius Bar. Luckily, I had someone that was quite knowledgable and we were able to reset it completely but to iPadOS 13.1.1 and things seem ok right now. Have not loaded anything on it - just stock apps.

I purchased an iPhone 11 this week and it borked when I try to restore it from backup. I had to go into Recovery mode and rebuild it from scratch. iOS 13.1.1 includes a fix for a bug in 13 that caused restore problems.

v13 has had its share of problems.