Wired Meeces, fifteen characters

I was wondering what folks were using for a wired mouse. I’m taking the bar exam next week and thought that, given my sporadic Bluetooth connectivity under Monterey, I would try to find and purchase a Wired Mighty Mouse… but need it on the quick, as I am leaving town on Saturday to take the exam.

If you just need a reliable corded mouse, get a M100 Logitech $10.

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And purchase its keyboard equivalent (the K120 Logitech) for only $12.99 to $14.99!

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I’ve got a B100 Logitech that I use right now as I type and scroll.

I have a small compact one on my laptop as well. I HATE with a passion trackpads and cannot use them at all so I carry a mouse with my with portables as well as use one exclusively on my desktop and I am debugging bluetooth stuff so bluetooth mice are a no go.

I got myself an R-Go HE large vertical mouse a few years ago, very comfortable to use, wish I’d gotten one years ago.

I use a Logitech MX Master (2S, but whatever number they are up to should be the same) which is a wired mouse when the USB cable is connected, and wireless when it is not. The wire obviously charges it as well.

For wireless you have a choice of Bluetooth and the bulletproof Logitech wireless (with the little USB dongle).

For me it works well in any of the three connectivity modes but I know people often complain about BT. The other two ways should work all the time though.