Wireless CarPlay with multiple Users

I am considering installing a wireless CarPlay aftermarket stereo in a car that both my wife and I drive. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with multiple users using wireless CarPlay in the same car.

i.e. if we switch driving everyday, will it auto link to whatever phone is in the car regardless of who the last person was to use CarPlay?

or what happens if we both get in the car together…does it just connect to the last phone it was paired with similar to a bluetooth speaker?

Thanks for the feedback, this is my first time posting in MPU.

Hi mfermier. My first suggestion is to go to the support site of whichever aftermarket stereo with CarPlay you are thinking of buying and read what others that have installed that unit have to say. There are many different CarPlay solutions both wired and wireless out there, so your mileage will vary. Right now I am waiting on delivery of a wireless dongle to convert my wired CarPlay system to a wireless one. The company carplay2air.com says it may support multiple users depending on the head unit in my car.