Wireless charger recommendation for the iPhone 13?

I’ve never used a wireless charger on an iPhone. I’ll be purchasing the 13 tomorrow. Any recommendations for a high quality wireless charger?

Educate me. Why would one want a wireless charger. Isn’t there a energy loss in the process of conversion electrical to magnetic to electrical charge and also much longer charge times. Other than the flexibility of hooking up physically is there a better reason to?

That is a good and fair question. My car has a wireless charging pad built in so I guess I’m assuming that having a wireless charger would be nice in the office and home. I typically charge overnight so being slower doesn’t much matter to me. But, you give me food for thought and pause …

I have had USB Charger on my car and on long drives with the measly 1.2 Amps USB driver, it barely keeps it charged with the audible books and GPS Navigation. By the time I reached my destination, it was marginally better. Although a 2.4 Amps charger in latest cars would be a different scenario. With that in mind a wireless charger in the car would still be of same outcome. I guess something is better than nothing :slight_smile:

I am still sold on a much better quality wired solution.

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Honestly, MagSafe just has so many advantages over any sort of straight Qi charger (faster charging speeds, much less worry about misalignment, etc.) I don’t see much of a case for using any other wireless charger.


Our Prius Prime came with a Qi charger in the center console. Thought it would be useful but that’s not the case. Too much other stuff gets piled up there and you can’t easily use it for navigation when stuffed so far forward.

My wife found a great deal on two Belkin chargers that charge the phones via lightning and the watch. We really like them.

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I am leaving behind any wireless charger once I have a MagSafe compatible phone.

I have these and they’ve been great. Super reliable and haven’t given me any issues.

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I really like my Nomad Base Station (Qi charger for phone and AirPods, plus a watch dock) but I bought it in early 2019 and would today probably go with the Belkin 3-in-1 (MagSafe, Watch and Qi.) I don’t understand why Nomad has failed to release a MagSafe 3-in-1 with the Base Station aesthetic. (This is assuming you are charging more than just a MagSafe phone.)

My wife and I have a radio alarm clock in our kitchen with a wireless charger built into it. It has a raised rubber strip and is sloped so lining up a device isn’t hard.
We love it because it allows both of us to charge different devices (one iPhone, one Samsung S10e) without having multiple cables on the bench.

You’re aware that MagSafe is Wireless. RIGHT?

+1 for MagSafe. Expensive, but quality.

Sorry, I meant regular Qi Chargers

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It does take longer to charge, but it is just more convenient. Plugging a wire into your iPhone isn’t a big deal, but when you don’t have to, it makes it easier. It’s like the difference between getting off the couch and changing the channel on a TV set vs having a remote control to change the channel from your couch.

If you care about the planet, the answer is “none”. Wireless chargers are exceedingly inefficient compared to a normal plug and cable. They take up more space, charge more slowly, and waste more electricity. Perhaps, if your household is 100% solar powered, that doesn’t matter.
Just use the charger and cable that comes in the box … wait… oh, right, Apple don’t include one any more.
Now, (if you sell off your old phone or are switching from Android) you have to buy a separate one, with its separate packaging, separate shipping, etc.

In what way is this eco-friendly, Apple?

Its financial friendly to Apple pockets. In no way these additional shipping methods of Apple are saving the planet. Why do they have to ship items individually from overseas. The cost of shipping individual items is definitely costlier than a truck load of iPhones in one shipment.

Save some jobs in USA Apple. You sure can utilize a warehouse and ship locally within USA.

Apple don’t ship items individually from China, they’re sent in bulk to distribution centres and then shipped domestically individually.

@Ticino Apple can fit twice as many phones in the same space when bulk shipping, leading to massive savings in CO2 from shipping, far less packaging used and there’s less landfill from unused Earpods and charging blocks. Phones still come with a charging cable.

However, Apple could have dropped the price a little to compensate for the lack of charging plug and earphones.

I’ve been using a puck-style Qi charger with my iPhone X. I like being able to just drop the phone on it while I’m sitting at my desk during the day to top it up. It’s there if I need it but otherwise unobtrusive. I can’t think of more than a couple of times where I wanted faster charging than this 7.5W charger has given me. When I have I just plug it in to the Lightning charger that I use for my iPads.

So… Is MagSafe solving a problem that I don’t have? Also, how hard is it to remove the MagSafe charger when I’m done with it? Can I just pick up the phone off of it or is going to be more complicated than that? Does the higher charging rate have any negative impact on phone battery longevity? As a point of comparison, my iPhone X is at 93% of maximum capacity after not quite 4 years of use. Finally, I’ve seen reports of MagSafe chargers marring cases. Is there anything to them?