Wireless connection to LCD monitor

Hello…I have a conference room in my department which has a wall mounted LCD screen. We currently have an HDMI cable to connect to laptops that need to project on the monitor. I was looking into purchasing a wireless connection to eliminate the HDMI cable. Any suggested brands/manufacturers? I would like to keep the cost low if possible, but not scrimp on quality. An option is connecting an Apple TV which I may go with if there is not a good wireless option. Thanks

My university has Apple TV in the classrooms and it works amazingly well, so if you do go that route you won’t be disappointed.


I think you need to know about all the devices you might want to use to send out the screen. If it’s all Apple then Apple TV is the way to go. If it’s not then you might have to look at the multitude of other solutions, none of which are as seamless as apple TV. Barcode Clickshare is a popular solution.

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Thanks. I recall using the Barco system when I was working corporate. Nice system but I just looked and they are expensive - $900 on Amazon for the basic system. Only one class of students right now have ThinkPads, the rest have MacBook Airs. Some faculty have PC laptops but most, surprisingly, have desktops. The lecture rooms and main conference rooms have a networked PC which folks use to log into their university accounts to get to files - PPT’s etc - for presentations. I do not have one of those in my conference room. That is another option - ask them to put a PC in for those who can use this route to get to files, and an Apple TV for the rest of us on Apple laptops.

Thanks Rob. What happens with someone who does not have an Apple device? Can they connect via the Apple TV? I may go this route plus add in a PC for those who can access their university account to get to files, etc.

We have PCs in the classroom too, and hdmi ports for other devices. I’ve not seen a windows user who connects via AppleTV, and I’ve no idea if it’s even possible.

Perhaps the google chromecast eco system is something you could explore. I have no experience but I see it mentioned everywhere in the AV industry. It should be built into modern TVs I believe.

I believe there isn’t really any ubiquitous solution for all commonly used devices that does not require some form of driver installation. Perhaps drivers will be acceptable? Often this is met with resistance (hence the hdmi cable remains in virtually every conference room).