WLAN Manager for Macbook

Hello ladies and gents, I am looking for some assistance.
Can anyone point me to a WLAN manager for the MacBook?
I am not aware if the option is available in System Preferences whereby one can set up the MacBook to automatically disconnect from WiFi if a LAN cable is connected to the MacBook or when the LAN cable is disconnected, the WiFi automatically connects.

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I set my service order in system preferences to make Ethernet higher priority than Wi-fi, and that does what I need at work, would that work for you too? (At the bottom in the network preferences, next to the plus and minus there’s a menu button and one option is to set the order.)


It doesn’t matter if WiFi and Ethernet are both active. Your Mac is smart enough to use the fastest connection, in fact Continuity features like eg. AirDrop work better if WiFi is active.