Wolfram Alpha shortcuts

In one of the shows a guest was talking about using wolfram alpha in a shortcut to know how long since a date (birthdays, anniversary, etc). I have been unable to find any additional details on how this might be done. Does anyone have pointers or links?

Welcome @kevin_a!

I don’t recall that conversation, but found this on @MacSparky’s blog:

I don’t recall that or use Wolfram Alpha but I do that function all the time on my phone using Date & Time Calculator app. I need it for calculating gestation dates, slaughter withdrawal dates and more with the sheep flock.

Or you can run a quick sqlite function like this one I use as part of calculating adjusted weaning weights of lambs. I need to know how old the ewe was when she had the lamb in question so I can apply the appropriate correction factors to the observed weights.

ROUND ( ((julianday(sheep_table.birth_date)-julianday(dam_table.birth_date))/365) , 0) to get the age in years of the dam of any specific lamb.