Word to pdf with hyperlinks

When I create a document in Microsoft Word, I can use styles to generate a table of contents.

Clicking on an entry in the table of contents will turn to the page in the document where the entry starts.

Has anyone found a way to convert the Word document to pdf which keeps the hyperlinks in the table of contents “live”?

If I use the print to PDF function, the table of contents hyperlinks don’t work.

The Acrobat plug-in for Word does create active hyperlinks, but it changes the fonts. For example, if I use Optima for the headings and Palatino for the body text, Optima gets converted into Calibri.

I think in Word 2016 it used to be that when exporting to PDF you chose the “best for electronic distribution” button, and the resulting PDF would have clickable hyperlinks. This should work for the index as well. Last time I used it the export totally messed up formatting in the document, but links did work. (I did use a 3rd party font though)

If exporting for electronic distribution does not work, maybe have a look if Adobe Acrobat can do this?

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Instead of Print, try **Save As…". In that dialog chose these settings:

This works for me in Word 16.46 on macOS 11.2.3. As far as I know the service, as mentioned by @JKoopmans , might have variable or unexpected results. The links work. Maybe it is best for a simple document with headings and text.

Thanks, @JKoopmans and @quorm

Yes, I do have best for electronic distribution checked and also embed fonts in this file.

I tried the Save As method, hyperlinks preserved, but fonts changed.

I think it must be the fonts that Adobe makes available through its service. If I change Palatino to Palatino Linotype, which is a Microsoft font or comes with Microsoft Office, exporting to Adobe Acrobat does not change the font.

I do have the best for electronic documents selected, but the hyperlinks are not active.

The hyperlinks are active if I use the Adobe plugin rather than print to PDF.

It turns out, if I use Palatino Linotype, the Adobe will retain that in the PDF. Garamond is another that transfers.

I haven’t found a sans serif font that doesn’t not get changed to Calibri. I’ve even downloaded some of Adobe’s own fonts said to approximate Optima.

Apart from the font issue, I haven’t had a problem with formatting.