Wordpress plugin(?) to embed short comments

I have a Wordpress site and I will being writing articles again to it. But, I have an idea to have a page where it acts more like a feed of short thoughts I may have. Consider it like a twitter feed although I wouldn’t have people comment on it or like it.

I thought maybe I could embed a micro.blog feed into it but I don’t even want something that involved.

Does something like this exist?


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Have you looked at WordPress post formats? They’ll require that your theme supports them, but I think they might work as you intend.

Thanks. I need to do some digging on this.

Why not use the built-in Posts functionality? Each post can be as long or as short as you want.

My hope would be not to edit a post. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you are referring to.

If you do not want to use the WordPress’ editor, there are alternatives like publishing from Ulysses.

I’m sure I haven’t been clear.

I want the ability to use a simple app where I can jot a simple note and post it on a specific page on my site. Subsequent notes would just be pretended/appended to that same page.

Something like a twitter feed is the best way to describe it.

If I am understanding correctly, that is how WordPress behaves out of the box.

The homepage of a WordPress site, by default, is the blog posts index or the so called “Posts page”. It is a stream or list of blog posts with the latest being at the top.

If you want to manage the content outside of Wordpress:

  • Set yourself up on a micropublishing platform, like micro.blog, blot or a mastodon instance.
  • Copy your RSS feed URL from that place.
  • Create a Wordpress page to display your content.
  • Add an RSS block to the page to display your content and paste in your feed URL.
  • Publish the page and visit it. You should see your content and the block on that page will keep up with your new posts.

(I personally would rather create a custom post type for these posts. The CPT UI plugin makes it easy.)

Thanks. I didn’t know about blot. Pretty fascinating. I think the easiest way is to embed a mastodon feed although that wasn’t my first choice so I was looking for alternatives.

This is true but it’s not the way I want this to work as I have other posts. I want this to sit on its own page and not be the main content.

Honestly, you could just make another Wordpress blog and embed the RSS from that, too. Blot is also neat. Lots of ways to get this done.