Work got me a lovely imac and now I need a second screen

I asked my boss if he knew any tricks to make it easier to keep windows on the screen when moving between the imac and my cheap ancient monitor. He said ‘get a new monitor’…
So, I’d like to keep it as cheap as possible. my brother in law has one of those double-wides ones, the idea of so much screen is appealing but I haven’t used it.
Most of my day is sharing one screen with various people, if that matters.
And I’m in Canada, so or Best buy are likely sources. Warrantee is helpful for work.
Opinions? Please?

I have a 5K iMac. I run it with a pair of Dell U2415Q monitors (gotta love Dell’s product names :roll_eyes:). Recommended by The Wirecutter and Katie Floyd.



Wow, that looks awesome @ChrisUpchurch !

Personally I picked up a used 21” Apple Cinema Display for less than $100 (gotta be cheaper than that now!), only drawback is you need an dvi-to-thunderbolt adapter.

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We got bought by a larger corp, and I now have TWO 34" dell widescreen monitors and a Macbook Pro.
Even with all the right dongles, I’m not sure the pro can handle two giant screens. A local colleague has two of the 24" dells, so I’m thinking I’ll trade her 1 GIANT for 1 Regular.
How much screen can this poor 15" macbook pro handle reasonably? It seems to get REALLY slow when it’s connected to anything…

What year is the MacBook Pro?

2018, 2.2ghx intel core i7, 16gb 2400 mhz ddr4 ram, radeon pro 555x 4gig and intel uhn graphics 630 1536mb
250g ssd, not that that should matter?

I believe this laptop can handle two 4K resolution screens.