Workflow/Automation - File links between DT, OF, Obsidian and more

I was going to start building out a workflow to reduce a point of friction and thought that members of this forum likely already have a solution.

I keep references waiting to be read in devonthink (DT) and would like to automate the batch creation of an Omnifocus task list with the title of the file and a the DT item link as a note.

The next step that I would like to do is a quick shortcut to format the same info into a markdown formatted link that I can paste into a obsidian note that I create while reading. I think I recall David, Stephen and/or Rosemary talking about their similar solution in a recent podcast.

Ideally, I can start to tie this all in to a reference manager software (Endnote/Zotero) however I haven’t found them very automation friendly so far…

NB: I usually use most of the standard players… Keyboard Maestro/Shortcuts, Alfred, BTT etc.

Any suggestions of robust ways of linking all of these together would be awesome!

This is adjacent to what you’re looking for, but might give you some pointers:

In general, a DEVONthink Smart Rule with some AppleScript can do everything you want, I think!

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This is gold, thank you!

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