Workflow Question, Weather

Trying to build my first workflow, and I am stuck before I even get far :crazy_face::see_no_evil:. My goal = grab current temperature, precipitation and dew point for my current location, (and have them labeled as each). Next add a text field, (journaling), then append all to my ICloud Journal. I am currently doing this manually in Drafts, but thought that it might be more accurate and faster if I did this with a Shortcut. Not asking for anyone to build this for me, I ENJOY learning new things. Where I am stuck at is grabbing the dew point and precipitation, (see attached screenshot). Even though the lines are connecting between actions, obviously by the message, I am missing a step. Suggestions on the step that I am missing? I gave myself three hours to figure it out. No sense in continually digging THAT hole. :upside_down_face:

Looks like the shortcut is trying to convert the input (temperature) to dewpoint. You might need to repeat Get Current Weather a second time.

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THANKS! I will try that. :running_man:t2:‍♂

Well, i’m Learning! Switched my statements around, added, deleted, and advanced just a little. I don’t know how to share the Workflow here, so I am doing screenshots. IF I remove that last Get Current statement, then I only get a return of precipitation. Not been able to get a return of all the requests yet.

The shortcut shown just gets data and never stores it for later use in the report.

You need to do something with the data you β€œget”. Like, put Dewpoint into a variable v_Dewpoint, Pressure into v_Pressure, etc. Then at the end, build your report from the saved data.

Or, start the shortcut by initializing a blank report (e.g, a text variable) and then append values to that as you gather them.

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Thanks! That DOES make perfect sense to me. I will give it a go. I was thinking that all of the request that I was making would show up in the box at the bottom, then I would need to send it to a note Field. Thanks for the advice. Seriously, it means a lot. :+1:t2::sunglasses:

You can simplify this significantly by referencing the data returned in the Get Current Weather action by using a magic variable.

See this example.

When creating the Text action, tap on Magic Wand to select a magic variable. Tap on the Weather Conditions output from the Get Current Weather action. Then, scroll through the choices to chose the data element of interest.


THANKS! I will try it! :tada: