Workflow: take, name and save photo's to a cloud service *with extra's

Hello, I’m trying to make a workflow for iOS, but I can’t get it done.

I’d like the following to happen:
“press start workflow”

  1. Take 2 foto’s
  2. Name photo 01 ‘date’+front+‘number’ (so “20180613_front_01”.
  3. Name photo 02 ‘date’+back+‘number’ (so “20180613_back_02”.
  4. Ask user if more photo’s are needed.
    if yes
    While (yes) {
    • take photo
    • name “20180613_extra_03”
    • ask user if more photo’s are needed etc…

when done
save the photo’s with name to iCloud, dropbox, box.

I hope you guy’s can help me out! thx

If you’re trying to scan documents I’d just use Scanbot it’s set up for this sort of operation…

uhh I’ll have a look but I have to upload photo’s.