Workflow that plays all audio files in folder


Looking for some help creating a workflow:

  • Series of audio files in a iCloud file
  • Files in alphabetical order using a naming convention
  • Goal is to be able to fire off a workflow that queries this folder, then plays each audio file in alphabetical order until all from folder are played

Is this possible?

Are you needing this on macOS or iOS?

(Don’t know if the use of “workflow” in your post refers to lowercase-w “workflow” in a general sense or the capital-W Workflow app for iOS now called Shortocuts)

Sorry that was not clear - iOS (use shortcuts/workflow app I presume).

To play cloud-based playlists there are any number of apps that can do that - here are two older articles listing some iOS apps, most of which are still around.

I’m not sure what workflow you want to create: what do you want to do besides play files in a folder - upload files? Rename?

I want to be able to have a series of audio files to play one after another off a Siri shortcut (voice command).

The reason I want to do these as separate files versus one large one which (I already know how to do this with just a single file) is that they will change frequently and having multiple files I make it easy to keep up to date.

Figured it out!