Workflow to add automatically add downloads from Safari to Yoink?

I often download pdfs or other files from Safari.

And it’s often a hazzle to then have to go and dig in the Mac Downloads folder.

So I was wondering if anyone had a useful workflow to automatically do something clever with files that were just put in the Downloads folder. I do have Hazel on Mac and thought this might be possible somehow.

I’m also a big fan of the Mac app Yoink. So the best way for me would be to have files that were just added to the Downloads folder to also be added to Yoink.

Hope to hear from someone.

Yoink has keyboard shortcut (in services) to add files to it. Have Hazel monitor your downloads folder for PDFs, then trigger an apple script to trigger the keyboard shortcut (since I am useless at AppleScript, I would use AppleScript to trigger a Keyboard Maestro action).

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Just use Dropover You can set it up to automatically open a shelf with your last download.

Snazzy Labs reviewed it here

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