Workflow to convert email to .pdf file

I’m unable to find a keyboard command, let alone any java/apple script to automatically convert selected emails into a pdf, and save it.

It would be super handy, considering the number of receipts I receive via email that aren’t attachments, and the receipt is the email itself. I’ve got some cool content aware hazel rules to (work into conversations as humblebrags) file away the pdf receipts, only after I’ve manually converted/saved the email. I still find these two clicks per receipt too much work to bear, I’m wondering if this conversion can be done automatically somehow?

Hoping there’s a workaround I’ve missed, to the “no apple-script” for “convert to pdf” problem.

I just print to PDF if I want to convert an email to PDF.

If you map option-P to the “Save as PDF” command, then this can be done entirely from the keyboard: just press option-P twice in a row.


@macsparky has a screencast showing the command-P trick @Quahog mentioned.

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I’m resurfacing this since MacSparky has done so as well. My command-p broke but I didn’t know why. It’s been driving me up a wall for awhile. But I never asked for help but David just posted this on his site. I’m so much happier today.