Workflow Workflows, a Collection

@RosemaryOrchard, is there a resource to deep dive into Workflow to learn how to make my own Workflows? I try to do internet searches but “Workflow” is such a generic term, but I’d love to get more familiar with it.

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@Pikopiko, this might be a good place to start.

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Hi @Pikopiko , this one is very helpful :wink:
Field Guide (

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@RosemaryOrchard Thank you so much for sharing these!
As a result, I am taking a closer look @ Workflow.

I am trying to save images from Instagram that are favorited and saving to a dropbox folder. I can’t find the trigger besides post to IG anywhere. Do you have any thoughts on how would you go about doing that?

I would actually recommend you use IFTTT for this, you can have it trigger automatically when you post a photo or a video.

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Thank you @RosemaryOrchard for this great resource!


I might just bookmark this page for later. Thanks @RosemaryOrchard

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This topic is an instant bookmark: :pray:

Added a new one Checklists to Reminders - ideal for when you want predefined lists of tasks/items to add to your task management system of choice!


Save liked images from Instagram was a trigger for IFTTT in the past but it was removed some time ago when Instagram changed the API. I don’t know of another way to do it now sadly.


Great list!
I know I’ve seen one that lets you do nested tasks in omnifocus, but I can’t find it now…

It asked you for the task and the subtask and then formatted in taskpaperformat:

  • Task 1
    • Subtask 1
    • Subtask 2
    • etc…

and then pasted it into the omnifocus inbox (or was it the current project if you started the workflow from a project in omniforcus?)

I’ve got a draft blog post on that one lurking in Drafts, but here it is: Task and Subtasks to OmniFocus


Lovely! Thanks. It might just have been mentioned in a podcast or something like that…

If a Facebook lead form is linked to the Leads app, then you could use Zapier to automatically copy the lead to GetResponse:

Thanks Damien. This was my first time working with Zapier and I’ve yet to get the leads into GetResponse. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but I’m so frustrated. It looks like its all set but nothing hits GR.

My pleasure, Joanne!
When creating a zap, it’s possible to test each step, either with actual data or with dummy information.
Did all those tests pass successfully?

I am not seeing the trigger, I wonder why they care that much since IG doesn’t have the rights to the IP.

Still looking for a solution if anyone finds one.

Thanks for the help Rose & Nathaniel.

I don’t have experience with Omnifocus but I have used Mindnode to create lists like that and import them into Things3 are you able to import Mindnode mindmaps into Omnifocus?

It has built in OF integration :slight_smile:

How does the Upload Podcast Notes workflow work?