Workflow Workflows, a Collection

The following Workflows have been extracted from a long thread in the Facebook group where I made Workflows for many people.



THANK YOU! Your workflows are so helpful!

Now I know what I’m doing this afternoon. I must dig deeper in to your workflows. I am excited for the ‘adding multiple similar but not quite events to my calendar via Numbers’ workflow. :grin:


This is gold! And likely a huge time suck. Thanks, @RosemaryOrchard!


Is there a workflow to take a lead from Facebook leadform and add to CRM? In my case GetResponse

I’m not familiar with Facebook leadform. Could you share some links about it?

One advertising options in Facebook is to ever ties and draw people to Facebook to lead form. It gets filled out with whatever information Facebook already has like your name and email address. So I have advertised for a free download. Give me your email address and then you have the opportunity for this download. I now want to take the list of emails from Facebook and put in get response

I think that Workflow is almost definitely the wrong tool for that. I’m not familiar with tools that do this sort of thing, if you start a thread for this then hopefully someone more familiar with it will have a better idea!

“The Facebook Group has been archived…”. I think, “hmm.”
I see this page and I go, “yaaaaas”.

Thanks, Rose!



Hi Rosemary, thx a lot for sharing this amazing workflows :hugs:


Wow! :open_mouth: Thanks for sharing this list, @RosemaryOrchard

Can’t wait to spend some time digging into these for ideas!


@RosemaryOrchard, is there a resource to deep dive into Workflow to learn how to make my own Workflows? I try to do internet searches but “Workflow” is such a generic term, but I’d love to get more familiar with it.

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@Pikopiko, this might be a good place to start.

— jay


Hi @Pikopiko , this one is very helpful :wink:
Field Guide (

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@RosemaryOrchard Thank you so much for sharing these!
As a result, I am taking a closer look @ Workflow.

I am trying to save images from Instagram that are favorited and saving to a dropbox folder. I can’t find the trigger besides post to IG anywhere. Do you have any thoughts on how would you go about doing that?

I would actually recommend you use IFTTT for this, you can have it trigger automatically when you post a photo or a video.

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Thank you @RosemaryOrchard for this great resource!


I might just bookmark this page for later. Thanks @RosemaryOrchard

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This topic is an instant bookmark: :pray:

Added a new one Checklists to Reminders - ideal for when you want predefined lists of tasks/items to add to your task management system of choice!


Save liked images from Instagram was a trigger for IFTTT in the past but it was removed some time ago when Instagram changed the API. I don’t know of another way to do it now sadly.