Workflow Workflows, a Collection


Great list!
I know I’ve seen one that lets you do nested tasks in omnifocus, but I can’t find it now…

It asked you for the task and the subtask and then formatted in taskpaperformat:

  • Task 1
    • Subtask 1
    • Subtask 2
    • etc…

and then pasted it into the omnifocus inbox (or was it the current project if you started the workflow from a project in omniforcus?)

I’ve got a draft blog post on that one lurking in Drafts, but here it is: Task and Subtasks to OmniFocus


Lovely! Thanks. It might just have been mentioned in a podcast or something like that…

If a Facebook lead form is linked to the Leads app, then you could use Zapier to automatically copy the lead to GetResponse:

Thanks Damien. This was my first time working with Zapier and I’ve yet to get the leads into GetResponse. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but I’m so frustrated. It looks like its all set but nothing hits GR.

My pleasure, Joanne!
When creating a zap, it’s possible to test each step, either with actual data or with dummy information.
Did all those tests pass successfully?

I am not seeing the trigger, I wonder why they care that much since IG doesn’t have the rights to the IP.

Still looking for a solution if anyone finds one.

Thanks for the help Rose & Nathaniel.

I don’t have experience with Omnifocus but I have used Mindnode to create lists like that and import them into Things3 are you able to import Mindnode mindmaps into Omnifocus?

It has built in OF integration :slight_smile:

How does the Upload Podcast Notes workflow work?

That’s not one of my Workflows but one someone else shared, unfortunately while I can describe what the actions do I don’t remember the purpose of it anymore :slight_smile:

I’m trying out the Add Event to Work Calendar from the Automator podcast. After adding it to the Workflow app and running it, the first prompt is whether or not this is during work hours. If I say yes, the workflow immediately pops up to tell me “An invalid Start date was provided”, when I couldn’t see a place to add a start date (or end date). If I say no (not in work hours , it brings me to choosing a start and end date, but clicking on the small calendar still doesn’t allow any choice to be made. What am I missing in how to run the workflow?

You’re missing the blog post :wink:
This one is only supposed to be run by another workflow :slight_smile:

Found the first workflow. Thank you.

Is this the equivalent of having a project with multiple small tasks? Or is there a difference? I guess if you do it this way, you can check off the top task and it’s gone, rather than having the project hanging there?

An action group is very much like a project. Yes! I use them as mini projects inside my projects usually.

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Is there a way to add tags to the DevonMenu workflow? Thanks so much for your generosity is sharing these.

A very simple workflow request. I am trying to create an Apple Music workflow to automate two actions:

  1. Favorite/like the song
  2. Add the song to my library

The 2nd part is easy as there is a stock workflow to add the current track to library. But I’m struggling with adding the first action to the workflow workflow.

@RosemaryOrchard, please help me improve Apple’s AI suggestions so I would hopefully never listen to anything that closely resembles “despacito” again :slight_smile:

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Shouldn’t this thread now move to the Automators forum?

I think a thread like this could be on both forums. I also vote for it to stay here since I still can’t subscribe to the Automators Discourse forum.