Working from Home - HP Remote Graphics Receiver - Managing Screen Real Estate

Our work-from-home workflow uses a remote access tool called HP RGS (Remote Graphics Software) to allow me to control my Windows 10 workstation at the office from any computer at home (a MacBook Pro in my case). The Windows machine at the office has two monitors. I have two monitors at home, but currently use only one of them to display the HP RGS window. This means that I have to spend considerable time every day scrolling back and forth and up and down so that I can see and access all the screen real estate on the work computer through the single RGS window.

(It may be possible to get dual monitor support at home, but given the already-low frame rate I’m getting, I’m not sure I want to pursue that possibility.)

Question: Is there a way to map the 4 quadrants of my remote computer display to the HP RGS window on my Mac? I’m imagining something like either hotkeys on my Kensington Trackball, or maybe a Keyboard Maestro command that would scroll the window R/L?

Any thoughts?