Working in VR 40-50 hours per week

I thought I’d share this unusual article here. It touches on topics we frequently discuss—hardware, software, screens, ergonomics, digital communication—but the approach, working full time in VR, is obviously completely different. I really like the level of candor and tradeoffs being made. Right now there’s no good VR story on macOS or iOS, but between the rumored efforts of Apple and the publicized experiments like this one, that situation will change.


Thanks for sharing that article. I have been playing with the Oculus Quest 2 and Horizon Workrooms on the Mac and it looks promising. You can work with others, user your Mac screen in VR and you even see and use your Magic Keyboard.


Interesting. Don’t know if I could do that full time based on current technology but can certainly imagine a future hybrid world when VR technology gets integrated in a glasses like form factor

I had a quick play this morning to see how I got on. It certainly requires setup time.

  1. I found that I hadn’t set my guardian area up correctly, so my hands and keyboard were outside of it, causing red lines to be visible all the time.
  2. I couldn’t turn my hands off, so typing would end up causing isssues after a while.
  3. It didn’t feel any better than just a pair of headphones and typing.
  4. It’s rare I look at my keyboard, but I can’t touch type 100%, so that’s not helpful.

Fascinating. I hadn’t understood Apple’s interest in VR. Now I see where we all may be going. I’m resisting the urge to buy stuff now LOL!