Working out in the sun

I want to sit outside in the sun and work. Glare is somewhat of a problem, but the bigger problem is the temperature of my MBP. It’s not that hot outside <80°F, just the sun beating down on the (silver) machine. I want my body to be in the sun, but not my computer. Has anyone found products or strategies for this?

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I’ve been lusting after a screened-in-porch for most of my adult life for this. very. use-case.


This I what I do (when the warmer weather comes - currently 3.7C). Not in the sun directly but certainly a nice way to spend the day! :sunny:

Sorry for a side track, But I remember revising for my A-levels and I wanted to do it in the garden. So, I ran cables and a long aerial across the garden to a shady umbrella (this was early 90s).
Unfortunately, I found that the reception out there was really noisy but thankfully I figured out it was just because the aerial was running in the Sun. When I moved it a couple of metres to the side in the shade, everything was great.

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An umbrella? 20 chars


You can get laptop hoods, I guess mainly aimed at photographers etc. working outdoors to shield the screen from glare so they can clearly see the result of what they’re capturing:

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