Workout and Daily Health Tracking Site Recommendations

Hi All,

Last time I looked, I think it just ended in complete frustration… no site has what I am looking for (even paid). I am wondering what you all use? I am looking for a site to aggregate and track my workouts AND the daily stuff like health etc…I really like Strava and used it for years, but I am transitioning from “hardcore” workouts to daily walks, step tracking etc… and it doesn’t have that stuff. Yes, I can sync my walks, but not the daily steps. I am looking for something like Garmin Connect for my Apple Watch. I already sync my workouts but the “daily” stuff doesn’t sync - According to Garmin HealthKit data travels 1 way… So, What is everyone else doing? I am looking for the basics and to sync walks, steps, weight and the occasional run and bike .


Doesn’t the health app have most, if not all of that, already?

Yes! It has ALL of it … but I’m looking for a website to track it all… like strava, runkeeper, Garmin etc.

Hi, not a lot of responses… sorry, maybe my question wasn’t clear . I am looking for a better website experience for tracking my workouts, health etc… I’ve tried and used Garmin, Strava, Runkeeper, Training Peaks and a few others …

What does everyone else use? Do you like it?

Thanks !

I don’t think there is one that would fulfil all your needs, unless Apple suddenly decided to put health online. Which is doubtful as it’s not made if off the phone yet :joy:

myfitnesspal may get you more of the way than the pure fitness apps that you’ve tried.

personally i’ve given up on all of them apart from health now.

maybe there’s a nice development opportunity for you here :wink:

I hear you… and that’s the same conclusion I came to last time I looked :slight_smile: I will look into my fitness pal

As for a development opportunity… MPU always talks about eating your own dog food… maybe I should :slight_smile: But I have ZERO programming chops.

Thanks again