World Backup Day is 3/31

Tomorrow is World Backup Day!
Don’t be an April Fool!
(I would never call you that, but it helps remember the date.)

Edit: The website seems to have crashed (probably due to volume), hopefully they have a backup.

This should get you started with the 3-2-1 backup strategy that comes up frequently on MPU.


I’m trying Backblaze for 15 day free trial. So, let’s see how that goes.

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My backup strategy just saved my ass. My 2011 MBP just died, likely the GPU went bad. I had a day old CCC backup I cloned to my wife’s old iMac and was backup and running. Time was of the essence as I still need to get my taxes done.


So, it turns out that my so-called Backblaze backup is just under 2GB (I didn’t back up any of those iTunes movies or music, because I can stream them these days, or even games) and so they are just my photos (which is already in iCloud) and tons of word documents from work. I don’t think it’s worth paying $6/month for just 2GB of backup and I think it makes more sense for me to put these into iCloud, which I am already paying for the 200GB option. How can I delete what I have in Backblaze or should I let the trial expire and it will be auto-delete?