World Clock and Weather App?

Good day, fellow MacPower Users.

I’ve been looking for a few months for a macOS app that provides a World Clock (time and date) function and weather, in a single app.

It doesn’t have to have a menubar app, but I would consider it a bonus. Does anyone know of any app that has this functionality? I’ve searched far and wide across the interwebs and have found dedicated apps that do a single function, but not both.


I lead a team that works all over the world and I’m constantly figuring out timezones for calls and online meetings dozens of times a week. The pandemic hasn’t changed this aspect of my work life at all. I always like to know what the weather is in the city/country of the person I’m meeting with because, if nothing else, it’s an easy and simple ice breaker since I’m horrible with jokes. :joy:

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

I hope everyone is in good spirits and health as we all still navigate the pandemic and other things that are going on all over the planet.


iStatMenus has world clocks AND weather. I don’t know if they combine both, though, sorry.

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not that I know.
for Weather Seasonality
for world clocks there’s Clocker and WorldtimeBuddy