World Clock App Recommendation for Mac?

I’m looking for a simple world clock app for my Mac. I need to confirm relative timezones to mine (Central US/Chicago) in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Desired features:

  • Menu widget
  • Up to four clocks/zones shown at a time
  • Inexpensive and with no subscription and no ads
  • Ideally, it will have an iPad companion app.

Any suggestions?

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I’m using World Clock. Has a Big Sur widget and companions apps on iOS, showing 4 zones in a small widget. One-time purchase and does what it says on the tin very well!

If you’re on Big Sur (and iOS 14) you have a world clock with four time zones included in the widgets Apple provides. No cost – you already own the widgets.

You can have a “medium” or a “small” version – both at the same time – so that is two clusters with four zones in each.


Here are two I came across

I can’t recommend The Clock by Seense highly enough. Available for Mac, iOS, iPadOS. Syncs across all platforms, so adding a time zone in one app will sync to all. Has a slider so you can change a time in a zone. Pomodoro timer available. Great app. Not free but very reasonable. I would not expect to get an app of this quality for nothing. Developers have to put food on the table, too.

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Thanks everyone for the excellent recommendations. I purchased The Clock by Seense–it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for the kind assistance!

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That app looks fantastic. Switching to it right away, will save me the trouble to use World Time Buddy. Thanks!

Was just about to recommend The Clock - can’t rate it highly enough either :slight_smile: