Would you trust and use Curiosity app

Curiosity seems to be a powerful app. I have gone throught the security and privacy details and did not notice any alarm bells.

Just wondering any one would and are using it

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I run a search on the Munich located company on

and did not found anything suspicious on the first look.
If a company is located within Germany, and has a “orderly” registration with a German Court, you can search for their Data on the Website I linked above.

thanks @Ulli , this is helpful. I have now signed up as a free user. Seems very interesting

Seems an odd thing to pay for.

I can recreate all the functions with Hazel.

I did not know that you can perform search on Hazel, especially over Cloud services

To do a search, you have to get a payed subscription with this app.

Free plan lets me connects up to 5 cloud services but I cannot search local drives. I have connected my Google Drive, Dropbox and Twitter account together with my gmail and Google calendar, other may want to connect to OneDrive, Outlook, etc.

I had a look at the app, but I am still wondering about the advantage?
You can search Dropbox, OneDrive and so on with Finder/Spotlight. Why paying an additional service for that?
And having “everything” in one place, also seems to be, depending on your usage, rather an disadvantage, because it would, for my use case, produce just a big mess, if all informations are mixed together, and it startet hard to find the informations that are actually relevant at that moment.

For me I think Houdaspot achieves all this. However if you don’t have the space to have all your cloud stuff download this could be useful.

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I agree that it is not worthwhile to pay to what the service is providing now, not at the asking rate anyway, However, if that can be done at an affordable price, I can see the attraction to be able to search for everything by entering a single search term for everything including

  • local Text / markdown file
  • local pdf file
  • local spreadsheet
  • Tweet
  • blog
  • email
  • web site
  • slack
  • reddit
  • notion
  • airtable
  • trello
  • images
  • Podcasts
  • RSS feeds
  • etc, etc

relating to a topic or context.

I think this is not what the app is offering but it could be heading that direction. It is like DEVONthink but for everything

My internal alarm bells are already ringing. Even though the company might very well be completely trustworthy, and their intentions entirely honest, I’d still hesitate to provide a cloud service with the credentials to access my other cloud services.

I’ve been weening myself off cloud services for the past year or so anyway, so this one probably is not for me.

According to Curiosity, they don’t do any server processing and it all happens on your device


We use OAuth 2.0, an industry-standard protocol for authentication with your apps. All traffic is directly between your device and third-party application APIs like Google, Microsoft, Slack, etc.

That would mean giving them access, even if processing is local?

I thought about it the last couple of days, but I could find no real Use-case for this App.
What search could it be, where you want to search all the mentioned services and source all at once?
What advantage could it be to do so, and not only find the PDF´s you are maybe looking for with the relevant search term, but also maybe a couple of thousand other results, where the things you really looking for are drowning.