Would you use a foldable iPhone?

Reportedly, Samsung will debut its foldable phone in February.

Would you use a foldable iPhone? I would, if the phone folded to the size and thickness of an iPhone X. Apps on a screen 2x the width of the X (which would be almost square) would be more comfortable and the onscreen keyboard easier to use. The downside is that the folded phone – the default configuration for phone and Messaging use – would probably be thicker and maybe heavier, which would make single-handed use less comfortable.

I want the tri-fold phone/tablet from Westworld.


It all depends on the quality of the image and the durability of the device, and the price (of course). Bigger screen in smaller size - why not if it’s sufficiently small and still usable folded?

Microsoft, Samsung, Apple and others all have patens related to flexible and folding screens. Last year Apple was awarded patents for display coatings sufficiently flexible for folding displays, for flexible sensors/battery/circuits, for an update to a 5-yr-old patent for a wraparound display, for flexible support structures for mobile devices, and for single-fold and multi-fold devices. Apple’s first patent for a folding phone was filed in the US in 2016.



A Google image search for “iphone flip” convinced me I would probably not opt in :slight_smile:

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Unless you want foldable to get a hardware keyboard, I think that the phone plus watch cover the utility of the foldable phone. The watch replaces the at-a-glance that the small screen on the outside of the foldable phone would do.

I think a portable, more foldable tablet would be a more interesting product and possibly pave the way to merge tablets and phones for a lot of people given battery and screen improvements, especially if most quick uses of phones could be done on the wrist or AirPods.

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There is nothing about the concept of a folding phone that appeals to me. To me, phone screen space is not something where more is necessarily better, and after a point more is actually worse. That being said, I’m willing to be convinced otherwise by designs that I cannot envision.

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Without some unforeseen genius use case, no I’m not interested in foldable/bendable phones. Samsung can have them :laughing:


This is not something I’d expect Apple to be “first to market” on. A lot of them look pretty gimmicky to me. Did anyone see that one (Samsung?) presentation where they turned down the lights so you wouldn’t see how clunky it was?

That being said, if they could put this feature in non-clunky hardware, I’d at least be interested. It would be pretty nice carrying something that turns into an iPad in your pocket.


I’d rather have a new SE, I’ve already had a flip phone.


I don’t remember Yul Brynner having one. I just want his senses. :slight_smile:

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Steve Troughton-Smith just retweeted a tweet that highlights a video the President of Xiaomi had published previously.

The video can be watched via YouTube:

Watch the whole thing…

This is the first foldable phone that really looks useful. It is a “small” phone when folded and can be extended to a tablet.

I agree with Steve Troughton-Smith: this is the year 0. And this has legs. If it really works in real life, this will change smartphones and tablets as we know them today. To me, this does not look gimmicky at all… :slight_smile:

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Bin admitted that what he hopes will become “the world’s first dual-folding phone” is still just a prototype at this stage

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Difficult to say. I need to see it, to touch, feel it.
For a long time I thought I do not want an Apple Watch but now I got the 4.
It might take a while until I will be little bit more interested in getting such a “iPhone fold” …

It depends on what other things get compromised.

And eventually it might be the only way to get a large screen.

I wonder what happens if you don’t open out the phone. Does just the only portion visible get treated as a whole screen? To me it would be cumbersome to open the phone out every time you pick it up.

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In the Xiaomi prototype video, it looks exactly like that. I agree, it needs to be that way.

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Many years ago there was a rumour about an iPhone with a touch sensitive back, which never came true. I still find that idea kind of appealing. You could scroll on the back without hiding parts of the screen, for example.

Something like 75% of smartphone users use cases. It’s one thing for a Goldman employee to float an unsourced, wrong rumor in 2010, another for a company to recognize a tech that consumers will not want to adopt.


$1,980. Four colors. Three-app multitasking.

I’m sure they tested prototypes, but I just don’t see how it can last without wear/cracking, etc. in the fold.


No doubt there will be fans with two spare Grovers to plop down just to experiment and be the first to Tweetbrag.

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