Wow, karaoke time!

this gives us another reason to subscribe to Apple Music. Who want to sing along?

Is Apple Music the only streaming service having this feature for now?


Super excited for this. I love the lyric feature. Not into big karaoke party but I love to sing by myself using the lyrics feature.

I wonder if there’s going to be a surge of subscribers switching due to this feature. Karaoke is our nation’s favorite past time.

No impressed that you have to have the latest ATV for this though, our old Wii had this as a game and I’m pretty sure my last gen ATV is little more powerful than that :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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They should rather take some care about the lyrics within Apple Music at all!
It is often not working at all, has wrong, or even no text, and if it is working, often the timing is completely off.
I wish Apple would fix the basics, before it is going towards new “features”…