Wow! The new iPad Pro 12.9 is Awesome!

As I posted earlier regarding my “Spirit Quest” to use only the iPad exclusively for 30 days, I have just purchased the new 12.9 iPad Pro. I just switched from my 10.5” Pro to the 12.9” today. My first reaction, and not because it is shiny and new, is WOW! While obviously larger and heavier than the 10.5”, it is noticeably smaller and lighter than the original 12.9, which I had before switching to the 10.5”.

The combination of screen size and quality, relatively light weight, speed, new keyboard folio design, and the new pencil are in a word, “magical.” I know that is overused but it is the most accurate description I can think of. With the exception of a few frustrations with iOS limitations (e.g., the inability to nest Apple Notes folders or to manage contact groups, and others), I believe that I can easily accomplish 95-99% of my work on this iPad. I’ll let you know in my other post if this holds true over the next 25 days that remain of my “quest”.

As I noted in that earlier post, I do a lot of speaking, using my iPad exclusively for my notes. While the 12.9 iPad is larger than ideal for holding for any length of time while pacing on a stage, I believe it is perfectly doable with this new iPad.


I’m also at a loss for words about this product. I haven’t had too much time to work on it yet, but first impression is just WOW.

I’m transitioning from a 1st Gen iPad Pro 12.9 to the new 12.9. Disregarding the enourmous power upgrade, so far the Smart Keyboard Folio is much smoother to work with, the new Pencil is amazing, and the new form factor along with Face ID… :partying_face:


Just sitting here patiently waiting for my new iPad Pro to finish restoring.






What size did you get, not that it matters. :slight_smile:

I got the 12.9" version.


Maybe something like this would help.

The 11” is also magnificent. Being a programmer and database engineer means I’ll never be able to go iOS only - the pro tools I need just don’t exist for iOS and the browser doesn’t let me get my work done (incompatible web apps).

Nevertheless, it will be a wonderful companion to my MacBook.

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