Wrangling photo dates in import


I know I may be a bit strange, but I like to know when my images were taken (and where, but that’s another story). I have an issue with photos imported from a camera SD card (iPhone images are fine).

Importing into Photos on the Mac - no problem, the date the image was taken shows properly. Result = :blush:

Importing into Photos on the iPad or iPhone, the image date is replaced by the date/time of the import on device. This will be hours and maybe days after the shot was taken. If the shot was geotagged in camera the date/time of the geotag is ignored as well. The result is that images taken at almost the same time on phone and camera are completely out of sync in the library. The only way round this seems to be to edit the metadata of each image (I use Metapho). Result = :confounded:

I have raised this in feedback on a couple of occasions with Apple, but this seems to have gone into a black hole.

I have looked but I can’t seem to find a setting I am missing to address this. Does anyone have any ideas? :pray: