Writers Elementary Program

Way off topic… sorta.

I’m working on my will. I’d like to leave some money to my local boys and girls club to establish a elementary school aged writers program.

Any suggestions on programs/resources. Better place to ask this question? ($5000 per year budget)

Exmples they could:

  • Hire a partime staff person teach/encourage

  • Sponsor a writers contest test

  • Pay for outings


Perhaps ask the club that you want to receive the bequest what their needs are? Defining the bequest narrowly might not fit with their program goals and resources.

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Yes, speaking from my vantage point as chair of an academic department that has been forced to rely on some alumni donations and bequests in the past year, the more flexible you can make the funding the better, within the organization’s mission.

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Yep already have appointment to discuss…

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