Writing App / Presenting App Help Needed

Hello all,

I have a recurring dilemma and not sure how to fix. I prepare all my talks, sermons, lectures, etc in either Drafts or Byword. Font Size 14. As soon as I am done writing, they are exported out to specific folders in DTPO.

When the day arrives of my speaking engagement, I open up DTPO to reference and present. On my iPad Pro, the 14 size font makes my eyes strain when looking through my notes in DTPO. My temporary solution has been to increase the font size to 24 or 36, re-save the note, give my talk. Once the talk is over, I re-open the note, restore it back to it’s original size and save again. I don’t need a font 24 or 36 all the time (only when I speak from the podium).

Does anyone have any other easier solutions?

Why not just export to a $10-ish iPad TelePromptrer app designed for giving lectures?

Do you preach from a ‘manuscript’ or only notes?

I use a manuscript and have found the new Presenter Mode in iOS pages a joy to use in preaching. The only downside is I’d like to be able to write the manuscript in Markdown…and I haven’t found an app that uses that (Brett Terpstra has a web app that does this but I haven’t tried it on iOS).