WWDC 2019 Keynote thread!

We’ve had great fun during the last few keynotes with these live threads, feel free to join in and comment on things as it happens!


Oh, I was wondering if we would get to do this again! Yay!

Just as a heads-up if any Australians are planning to watch through the Events app on an Apple TV: you might need to change your region to get the app to work. I believe pretending to be a New Zealander will work; if not pretend to be a Spaniard for a day.

No idea why, but I had the same issue last thread (but no time to work it out). So, I was a bit more organised this time and checked ahead of time. I found the “fix” online a few weeks ago so the problem may have been fixed in the meantime.

(Though most of you back there are probably sensibly asleep…)

I hope they will still support iPhone 5S/6/6S/SE and iPad Air (2) in iOS 13!

Otherwise most family members will see all of their devices become obsolete “today”…

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Predicting (with no justification):

  • A big natural conversation jump for Siri.
  • Three side by side windows in a landscape 12.9” iPad
  • Tiling/window management macOS apps sherlocked
  • Luna/Duet sherlocked
  • A new code editor/IDE, or a third party developer of one on stage
  • Much faster Siri Shortcuts
  • Siri Shortcuts App Store

We’ll see, but I’m not hopeful about those - they’ve all been supported for four iOS versions, and that’s generally the extent of support, historically:


Pretending to be a Kiwi confers all sorts of advantages :wink:


Already seen this on twitter from Steve Moser:

Apple is renaming iOS on the iPad to:


that would be very interesting.


But iPadOS can’t be a new OS, can it? Maybe they’re just getting to the point where the UX of the iPad and the iPhone is so different they no longer want to pretend they’re identical.
If it is a new OS, I hope it’s a full port of MacOS. But it won’t be, because I’m not that lucky.

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What’s a “new OS” for you? iOS is and always was based on Mac OS X.

I suspect it will start as a fork of iOS and be enhanced for iPad only things.

I know, so is the watchOS. Spending much time developing software on the watch, are you?

iOS are different plattforms on iPhone and iPad today, with multitasking and drag-and-drop.

Apple doesn’t need to do much to rebrand it to iPad OS. In the end, it’s probably more for marketing reasons.

I hope you don’t need to get anything done today, Twitter is expecting a 2.5 hour keynote.

A 2.5 hour keynote expected, what is this, WWDC Endgame?!

@jamesthomson on Twitter

Sure, that’s basically what I said. It would be great to have a full POSIX system though, since that’s the only way I can actually use an iPad like I use my computer.

Yeah, no need - there’s basically no chance of that happening. Unless… Unless they somehow make a virtualized macOS as an app on the iPad… It might even be fast enough for it, but it would require a hell of a lot more RAM… Maybe some sort of limited macOS?

As someone who stayed up to 5am last night for work, this video…

Interesting their opening video show people eating over their Macbook Pros.

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First trailer for an Apple TV+ show.