WWDC 2019 leaks (spoiler alert)


“An updated Reminders app”…
I am hopeful that complicated features like “sort” on iOS will be included in the update.

I read the article, nothing really earth shattering, I hope they bring a bit more to WWDC else it will be another slow year.

Also I found the writing a bit negative, looked like he went out of his way to present all Apple’s native app developments as “designed to frustrate other app developers”

But that could just be the way I read it.

If Google can deliver on the new products and services they just announced, Apple might have some real competition in the next few years. They are upping their privacy, doing more on device computing etc. Even bringing some advanced AI features to bottom end phones. Time will tell.

I’m not ready to switch to Android, but I hope they succeed. I’m tired of Apple dragging their feet and think it might be good for them to have someone to worry about.

It will take some doing to get me from my apple devices, as I’m more interested in ecosystem functionality then just per device functionality. All my devices tend to work seamlessly together, from my phone to my car (okay, that’s not built by apple (yet)).
Google is still a long way off when it comes to that.

I’m just a bit disappointed that Apple’s characteristic “boldness” seems to get less and less prominent. It is understandable, as the eco system expands you have to do (relatively) more with fewer resources, but still.

Looking at the article announced, it is more a slight refresh and stability update again then a real update full of new features this year. (again: my take on the article)

I really hope Mark Gurman only saw the sidenotes and not the highlights :slight_smile:

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